Special Spotlight: Bain's Whisky

South Africa's Very Own

It is said that the taste and tradition behind South Africa's whisky to be proud of, is said to have come from the Cape Mountains and their natural glory. Even being named after a pioneer like Andrew Geddes Bain who built and constructed the Bainskloof Pass which eventuallyy came to connect the town of Wellinton, where the whisky distillery is located, to the heart of the country back in the mid 1800's!

Many credit the the stunning taste on the innovative mind and steady hand of the locations Master Distiller Andy Watts, who in 1991, became only the sixth manager of the James Sedgwick Distillery which opened its doors over a century prior in 1991. Over the years he has become a world renowned Whisky Master and has won awards all over the world.

The product is double matured and is produced from 100% South African Yellow Maize (corn). The first maturation period lasts around 3 years and then the liquid is placed in a second set of casks for another year and a half to two years.

Color: Dark and Golden Amber

Smell: Said to have a combination of tofee, floral and vanilla scents

Taste: A softer hint of spices brought down by the sweet lesser tasting oak with a smooth and warm finish.

 R200.00 - R250.00