Irish Highlight: Glendalough 13 YO

Ireland's First Craft Distillery.  See a side of Whisky you havn't seen before

For a company who has been thinking out of the box for different ways to make a wave, Glendalough distillery products have certainly done just that. As it is well known for some, 13 is Ireland's luckiest number to many. This new spirit brings in a second coming of Irish single malt that for tasters all over the world has been a complete necessity and a long time coming. After almost 100 years of blending premium whisky, Glendalough brings forth a significant product.

The 13 Year Old Irish spirit has brought forth something that we have not seen in years. This style of whisky, to many fans, has not been around since the golden years of Irish Whisky, the whisky that our ancestors used to drink. As you dive into the bottle, you not only get get a significant variance of smells and tastes, but you are brought back to what the true taste of what traditional Irish Whisky really tastes like.

Price: R870.00

Taste: This whisky is known to have an intense vanilla fudge taste mixed with a tough of fruits such as lemon, peach and dried apricot.

Smell: This drink brings forth a butterscotch and honeycomb smell as well as their rich fruit ingredients which are important in their taste.

Visit their homepage below to get a taste of their "Original" heritage!

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