Ah the Finer Things in Life!

In order to blend a bottle of this 21 Year Old masterpiece, the Balvenie product is poured into port casks, or pipes, which have previously been the storage units for fine port wines in the past. This enables the flavours or the fine wine to remain preserved in the wood, while not over powering the natural flavours of the whisky. It is also chill-filtered from the start  and bottled at a high strength alcohol than the finished product. Enabling the impurities to burn off and have the final product remain at the right alcohol consistency.

Its not just the bottle, but what lies inside the bottle that matters

Bells has been an astounding name in the world of Scotch Whiskey since 1850. Arthur Bells, the founder and original craftsman, set upon himself the task to creating one of the best spirits known to man. As one of the pioneers of the process of blending whiskies, he enabled it to be available to many different drinkers thus raising its potential to be enjoyed by more.