Scottish Highlight: McCallan Sherry Oak

After 25 Years of Waiting, McCallan Continuously Shocks the Spirit World!

The well known Whisky creator McCallan has been in the spirit limelight for over a century and shows no signs of giving up the thrown! The company is said to distribute over 500,000 cases per year and offers a very wide range product lines to impress the palates of their most seasoned customers. One such line is their astonishing Sherry Oak series!

Even though their most readily available agings are their 12-year-old and 18-year-old finishes, they also offer a 10-year-old cask strength product at 58% ABV. Their most expensive and highly decorated, however, is their 25 Year Old Sherry Oak bottle. Weighing in at 43% ABV, the drink brings a plethora of citrus flavors, dried fruits and wood smoke to the drink and a finish that is said go down smoother than its competition. It is suggested that you drink it straight or with a splash of water to open up the flavors and allow the drinker to sense the distinction between them and any other whisky on the market. Be ready to get what you pay for, with this 750 ML bottle coming in at just under R1,600

Size: 750 ML

Price: R1,599.00

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